Whitney Wisconsin on Youtube

Back in the day when people around the world was just hearing about Whitney Wisconsin and the lifestyle that she lives, we was all drawn to her YouTube channel which has many of her none sexual videos where she is either discussing why she does what she does, or ranting about something or other.

Most, if not all of the videos on her channel was filled with hate comments, from saying that she should stop what she is doing, all the way to saying that she should end her life. However, she had a loyal and big fan base that would always back her up in replying to the hate.

Wisconsin became huge on YouTube when she created a video called “10 Reasons Girls Should Have Sex With Their Dogs which was a response to all the questions and replies she had to her controversial sex video where a dog gave her oral sex.

Reasons why whitney was banned on youtube

Whitney Wisconsin Banned From YouTube

People got so annoyed and angry that someone would do this to an animal that even aΒ petition was created to get Whitney Wisconsin removed from the platform because her videos was “immoral”Β and “wrong”, this racked up over four thousands signatures.

A petition was created to get Whitney Wisconsin removed from YouTube

Soon after the petition came to light, and people started reporting the contents of the channel, YouTube took action and removed Wisconsins channel from their platform, causing uproar from her online fan community.

Several channels was set up by her followers in response to the ban where they uploaded the content that was previously removed, it seems that no matter what Whitney does or where she goes, she will always have a big following that will watch her back.

The banning didnt stop there, she was removed earlier in the year from Tumblr as well as Twitter due to her explict material. The only social media platform that she uses now to post content and interact with her followers in Snapchat.

But remember, her YouTube channel was only for herΒ non sexual material, if you want to get the more lewd and explicit content produced by her, check out this post.

Recently Whitney Wisconsin was banned from YouTube