Whitney Wisconsin on Twitter

Whitney Wisconsins Twitter Profile

With Twitter being a safe place to post adult related content, the platform is a really big help when it comes to gaining exposure (before users had to click to view adult content). And in Whitney’s case, she used this to her advantage.

After bans on several other networks, she decided to jump on the Twitter train, of course instantly she noticed there was hundreds of fake accounts claiming to be her. Whitney went ahead and created a video to show users that she was the official account and the others was just trying to be her.

Several of her posts was picked up by big online personalities such as KEEMSTAR who ended up featuring her beastiality video on his Drama alert show which is posted on his YouTube channel and Leafy who she ended up getting into a video war with on Twitter and YouTube, both of them posting videos back and forth calling each other out.

The videos that involved Leafy went viral fast as both of them had a big fan base. Later, Leafy seemed to disappear and has not been seen since on any platforms, it is unclear if this is because of the drama he had encountered with Whitney Wisconsin.

Whitney Twitter Account Header


Whitney Banned From Twitter

Like every single other social platform that had Whitney as a user and regular content creator, they went ahead and decided that they have had enough of her lewd acts and with the vast amount of complaints relating to her content every day, they removed her from the platform.

Before they disabled her profile, the last video she posted was about having a warrant after she was arrested.

After several attempts to create new profiles, just to be banned a couple of days after, Whitney decided to stick to Snapchat as her only platform that she will use to post her content and videos.

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