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Whitney is back and better than ever, this time she is on Snapchat after being banned from Tumblr, posting her usual nude and very NSFW content.

We all know that Wisconsin produces some of the best home made content around, with many if not all of her videos going viral at some point.

What better way for her to get her new content out, than using the Social Media platform Snapchat?

We have provided you the Snap code so you can easily add Whitney Wisconsin’s Snapchat by taking a screenshot of the code below and adding her directly on Snapchat.

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Snapchat Pictures and stories

The good thing about Whitney, is that she likes to interact and send Snaps directly to her followers, as you can see from the snap below she is engaged in conversation with one of her fans.

Masturbating on Snapchat

Everyone loves a bit of Whitney Wisconsin nudes, so why not give her a follow and check them out yourself.

Lady In Black

This set of Snapchat stories show Whitney wearing all black, teasing her viewers in what seems to be some sort of hotel.

She starts off by showing how she looks in black tights, shoes and a laced top.

Later things get a bit more heated, as she pulls out a huge purple dildo and proceeds to masturbate in front of the mirror, while taking pictures and videos.

purple dildo

more purple dildo

wearing black

whitneys black tights

whitneys username

teasing on snap

playing on a table

mirror selfshot

masturbating selfie

vagina selfie

Bathroom Fun

We all know that if a girl is dirty on Snapchat then a lot of the times we will see her in her bathroom, doing some sort of sexual act.

That is no different when it comes to Whitney Wisconsin, as she shows in this set of snaps.

She is clearly feeling very submissive here, begging her viewers “Destroy me? Please?”

It looks like she ended up “Destroying” herself.

Whitney Can We Fuck Selfie

Snapchat Bathroom Selfie

Close up vagina shot

Whitney Asking Questions on Social Media

Destroy me hashtag

asking if viewers would want a lick

The Monster Dildo

There is a wide range of sex toys that Whitney has in her arsenal, and on this night of her posting to Social Media, she shows off the “Monster” dildo.

This dildo was used in her famous McDonalds masturbation video.

She also has a dog style dildo because we all know about Whitney Wisconsin dog videos.

It looks to be a big, think and black dildo that Whitney is seen playing with in a number of snaps.

The story starts off sweet and innocent (kind of) with Whitney wearing a red bra, and pink panties stating “I like the pink outfit better :)”

Later she removes the pants and asks “Do you guys like the nude look better?”

And finally, she pulls out the “Monster” and starts masturbating, while updating her Snapchat story with all the juicy content.

Whitney's new big dildo

the monster sexy toy

i like the pink outfit better

showing bootie on snapchat

snapchat story pictures

black and white selfie

underwear selfie

Private Snapchat

Whitney also offers a private Snapchat account to her loyal (and paid) followers.

On this account, she fulfils her followers requests, and she literally has no limits at all to what she does on there.

Whitney loves to dress up and by the looks of it, she does a good job at it.

Her fans and followers love seeing different sides and personalities of her.

Here is a set of snaps from her private account, masturbating on snapchat.

private snapchat selfie

whitney's body is craving for you

story will be posted on her private snapchat

underwear is a turn on for whitney wisconsin

dropping pants on social media

underwear type of day

eat pussy, grab ass and leave hickeys

nobody has a vagina like whitney

Is there anything better than seeing Whitney as a dominatrix? Sometimes you will see her that way in her Snapchat stories, and it certainly is not disappointing. She will make you fulfil her every desire.

whitney the dominatrix