As soon as Instagram hit the app store, it was a huge success and something new to social media, being the one platform to be for mobile users only.

Of course, Whitney has to get a piece of this action and she signed up for a profile as soon as she heard there is yet another way to get her explicit material out there to the millions of users.

With Instagram on the grow, and becoming increasingly popular every day, they have had to make changes to their security to stop spammers and of course they have a zero policy on adult content, which that is the only thing Whitney is really known for.

Here is one of her pictures, this is the type of stuff she would post, very NSFW.

whitney instagram social platform

One of whitney wisconsins post on Instagram

Banned on IG

After only a short stint, Whitney Wisconsin was banned from the popular content sharing app, which came to no surprise as the content she was posted went against the networks terms and services.

So now Whitney has been kicked off every platform we can think of; Twitter, Tumblr, Youtube and now Instagram.

The one and only place you can see her new content now is on Whitneys snapchat.

If you would like to follow the official WhitneyWisconsinFans IG, you can do so here.

Banned on IG