Whitney Wisconsin Jail Mugshot

It was a sad time for Whitney Wisconsin fans, after the news circled on the internet that the amateur porn video creating queen and her boyfriend Erio Oliver had been arrested by Bonifay Police and thrown in jail.

The reason for the arrest was because she came up with a fresh way to grow her online audience, this led to Whitney creating a prank in her new upcoming video where she would masturbate in public toilets and ask random people to smell her fingers, saying its her new “perfume“.

Whitney Arrest Report From The Police

Whitney Wisconsin Perfume Smell Prank

In this particular clip she takes it to the next level by taking a trip to her local Walmart.

She decided that instead doing her normal acts like receiving oral from one of her friends, that she should pull the filthy prank on innocent bystanders.

The video starts off with Whitney dressed up in what can only be described as a “sexy bunny” outfit, and fingers herself in the woman’s restroom while her friend is filming.

When she’s ready, they walk around the Walmart store to find men that would be clueless to what they are up to, and play the prank on them.

Whitney then proceeds to walk up to the random suspects, and asks them for their advice such as “Excuse me, does this perfume smell good? Should I buy it?“.

Unknowingly to the men, they are smelling Whitney’s fingers that have just been inside her vagina and not the perfume fragrance that they think she sprayed on her.

Most of the suspects think she is just an innocent girl looking for a little advice, so they reply to her and give her compliments such as “that it smells great” and that she should wear it all the time.

I wonder if the men noticed that her fingers didn’t smell like perfume, and was just trying to be nice.

Whitney Wisconsin Jail

Lets face it, we knew this was going to happen sooner or later, I mean, Whitney makes videos about having sex with dogs, masturbating in public and just being straight up crazy.

The only question is, why has it taken this long for the authorities to arrest her and throw her in jail?

Shortly after the perfume prank video did the rounds on the internet and went viral, the police was able to identify Whitney and her boyfriend and was able to locate the pair to be questioned about this video and a number of other videos that they had performed in and posted online.

After being questioned for several hours at her home by the police, she was arrested for a bunch of misdemeanour charges without incident and sent to jail, awaiting extradition to Wisconsin.

The charges that Whitney received was two charges of lewd and lascivious behaviour and three counts of disorderly conduct.

Her boyfriend on the other hand was charged with possession of child pornography.

Whitney Wisconsin Arrest Over Pornography Charges

What Happened Next?

After the news was released, the gossip around Whitney Wisconsin’s arrest and jail time slowly died down and Whitney was released from jail.

She posted a video on her social media explaining what fully about the situation regarding the police, crying the odd tear claiming that she wants to “change”.

In the video she goes on to talk about her other viral clips and movies that she made in the past, and how much she regrets it.

Talking about how she was fired from Victoria Secrets because customers would tell her boss about her online fame.

Whitney claims that she applied to Harvard University and passed all the test, but due to her online activity, they refused to let her enrol.

So lets pass the question off to you readers, do you really think Whitney regrets what she has done and wants to change?

We believe she is only saying this because she had been arrested and thrown in jail, so she is looking for some sympathy.

To read the official news report from the Bonifay Police which made the arrest, it can be viewed here.