Whitney Wisconsin Dog Video

whitney wisconsin and her dog

If there is one thing that Whitney Wisconsin is known for, its causing up a stir online with her very controversial approach to her self made videos.

You may have been a fan on Whitney from her very first video that she posted where she was masturbating in a McDonalds restaurant, if that was not the first time you heard about her, then chances are you know her from her viral videos about having sex with dogs.

Yes, thats right, Whitney who is known on the internet as Whitney the dog humper, uploaded a video of her explaining 10 reasons why girls should have sex with their dogs, and since then there has been various videos of her engaging in sexual activities with animals floating around the internet.

Fortunately for Wisconsin, the state where she is located “beastiality porn” (sex with animals) is actually legal, there are no laws currently to say she can not do that.

Most of the internet was outraged with this, with a lot of big YouTubers creating reaction videos to her video, once again, this put more spotlight on Whitney.

getting knotted by k9

Whitney Wisconsin Fucks Dog

Whitney recorded herself (several times) engaging in sexual acts with her dog, mainly receiving oral.

This was a big turning point for Whitney, in which she lost a lot of followers in the process, however, she gained a lot of new followers as well.

Since then, she has posted a number of videos on Tumblr and Twitter of her and various pets, such as her dogs and cats.

There is a lot of crazy and sick stuff out there on the world wide web, to add to the collection, there is a video (that can be searched) of Whitney fucking a dog.

The video starts with Whitney lying there in bed, legs wide open as she calls her dog and makes it lick her.

Watch Whitney Wisconsin Dog Sex and Beastiality Video

As the years past and over one hundred videos later, Whitney produced her most crazy and most controversial video yet.

It stated off with her uploading a video on YouTube which was titled “10 Reasons Why Girls Should Have Sex With Dogs

Obviously this did not go down well with many people all over the internet, but her loyal followers and fans stuck with her and with Whitney being her careless self, went on with her life and kept the video up.

The video later went viral, gaining over a four million views in just a short matter of months and being viewed on some of the most popular forums on the internet.

After her big hit video about her reasons for beastiality, she went above and beyond her crazy fetishes and actually performed sexual acts with animals.

Though the videos are not on YouTube, due to the nature of them, you can easily find them floating around the internet.

This is the video that started the whole controversy off, although she is not physically performing any sexual acts with a dog, she does talk about it, and why it is a good thing to do so.

Here is the clip from her YouTube channel.

From the video, according to Whitney the dog humper, these are the reasons why girls should have sex with their dog:

  • Throughout the history of mankind, humans have been having sex with animals on a regular basis, which is documented.
  • A dogs tongue is different to that of a humans, making it easier to reach places that a normal tongue would not be able to reach.
  • Having sex with an animal or pet, it is impossible to get pregnant, making it much safer.
  • Animals do not carry contagious sexually transmitted diseases, so again, in her mind, this is much safer than having sex with a human.
  • Whitney claims that people have been having sex with animals since the beginning of time.
  • Although beastiality porn is illegal in a lot of states and countries, it is still legal in large parts of the world.
  • Whitney likes to be submissive, and she claims animals play a dominant role.
  • You can have sex with a dog whenever you like, its convenient any time of the day that you feel like it.
  • A dog cant complain or get on at you for no reason, making it more fun to not have to listen to them.
  • She claims that dogs are easy to train to make them give you what you want.
  • So there you have it, 10 reasons. Again, these are all from Whitneys point of view, not ours.

Teaching Her Viewers

If you thought the first video about dogs that Whitney published was crazy, she took it a step further by posting a video explaining sex with different breed types of dogs, and answering questions that her viewers have sent in asking.

She made categories for the dogs such as “little fuckers” and “best lickers

The movie, titled “Dog Breeds And Their Sexual Uses” has unfortunately been removed from YouTube, however you can still find Whitney Wisconsin dog porn videos floating around the internet

Whitney Responds To Comments

Of course when these types of videos started circulating the internet and picking up a lot of interaction, there were obviously a lot of people unhappy with what she was doing with animals, to which they shown their anger in the comments of the video.

Whitney should have known that the majority of the people that landed on her video would have been angry and upset, so its fair to say in the back of her mind she expected some backlash.

A couple of months after her first original “10 reasons to have sex with your dog” video went viral and gained a lot of attraction and criticism, she posted a number of pictures of her holding signs with her replies.

whitney reading her video comments whitney responding to comments online whitney responds to critics

She clearly did not let the bad comments get to her, responding “I read the comments of my YouTube. People say that I am abusing my dog, pounding me and filling me with him cum. My dog must be in real pain having to fuck my pussy. I’m sure he hates my warm vagina wrapped around his dick.

This again, caused a lot more backlash and hate for Whitney, but this is what she wanted, she wanted a bigger name for herself and in the process she gained a lot more followers and fans.

Adding More Controversy

After all the backlash, name calling and hate that Whitney received from her original videos, that did not stop her in the slightest.

She is seen here posting on her Snapchat account, which clearly shows her humping her dog and getting up close and personal with it, claiming “I love doggy licks :)” and “hehe xx”

Whitney Wisconsin Dog Sex

Whitney Wisconsin Dog Video

10 More Reasons…

A few months after her Whitney’s dog fetish started, she released yet another movie (which has since been removed by YouTube) titled “10 More Reasons Why Girls Should Have Sex With Their Dog”.

We have been unable to find a re-upload of this video as it has been taken down from YouTube, but be sure to keep checking back as we keep our eye out and will post it as soon as we find it.

Whitneys Fetish

Whitney has taken her fetish a little further this time. She is seen below in a number of photoshoots wearing what seems to be some kind of “animal tail dildo“. This time, Whitney has become the pet.

Whitney beastiality

posing as a cat in the kitchen

humping dogs

Whitney dog humper

from behind with a cat tail

Whitney and Her New Pet

Whitney Wisconsin nudes is something that we can all find on the internet, and potentially enjoy viewing.

In most recent pictures, it seems that she has a new pet to add to her collection, a little cat, and she is wasting no time in letting her fans know.

As you can see from the pictures below, she is already getting up to dirty antics with her cat asleep on her stomach while she masturbates with her dildo.

Whitney masturbates with dildo while her pet cat is asleep on her.

Masturbating with cat

Dog Dildo

This girl even went to the lengths of satisfying herself with a dog dick, even when one is not around.

Whitney recently posted the following pictures on Snapchat to show that she had purchased a new dildo, in the shape of a dogs dick. And by her snaps, she really enjoys it.

You can see more of her dildo collection by following her on Snapchat.

whitney wisconsin dog dildowhitney playing with her new dildoshowing off her new sex toy deep inside her

whitney trying something a little different

Fans Ask Questions

Whitney even went to the extent of having a Q&A for her fans that likes the videos to talk about that type of content, here are some of the questions followed by her answers:

What is it like to be fucked by a dog?
It is great. Thinking that an animal predator taking you as his partner is sexy and exotic though. Not to mention that they are fully in control if they mount you.

Do you own any dogs?
I own four dogs, 3 males and 1 bitch. I have had sex with all of them.

So what is your opinion on Whitney the dog humper?