McDonalds Masturbation

mcdonalds video

Below is the video that started it all, the video that gave Whitney the name she has today.

If this video did not go as viral as it did, then maybe she wouldn’t have as much fame as she has, and be a different girl than she is today.

Even though this was her first video, she searched for fame and the viral affect in the correct way, by recording something crazy to make her stand out, even though her later videos are a bit more crazy and bizarre, such as her dog videos.

That being said, this video was actually pretty good and worth a watch, especially if you like to see young girls playing with their self in public, like Whitney loves doing.

Whitney in the resturant

McDonalds Masturbation Video

The video starts off with someone, presumably a friend recording Whitney as she says β€œSo, im totally going to ride my dildo in public now” which she stick to her word on.

you see Wisconsin sat in a booth in the McDonalds restaurant, pull out her pink dildo and start to ride it, as you can hear members of the public around her oblivious to what is going on.

Half way through the video, you see the phone go under the table and start recording Whitney close up masturbating with her dildo.

After Whitney posted this video to a sub reddit, it soon got a lot of attraction from the reddit world and ended up being posted all around the internet, making it go viral within just a few days.

Mcdonalds Drive Through

Not only does Whitney Wisconsin porn consist ofΒ animals and lesbians, she also enjoys doing sexual acts in public.

In this video she orders a small drink from McDonalds and precedes to masturbate with a giant purple dildo.

It starts off with her driving up to the ordering sign and she pulls out the massive toy.

She starts playing with it as she is ordering from the teller at the sign.

After that, she carefully drives up to the window to pay as she is using the other hand to assist in pleasuring herself.

She pays for her drink and continues to masturbate with the dildo. The car she is in is lower than the window so the employee could have caught her! What a close call!