Whitney Wisconsin Dog Video

whitney wisconsin and her dog

Whitney has had her fair share of haters (and followers) due to the kind of content she posts, read here how her views on sex with dogs got her in hot water.

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Golden Shower

Whitney in a golden shower

Golden showers are a thing, and Whitney know that. She also knows how to keep stacking her follow count up. Check out her latest fetish video right here.

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McDonalds Masturbation

mcdonalds video

This is the video that shot Whitney to fame. After she recorded herself masturbating in McDonalds, she posted it to reddit where it blew up and was spread all over the internet.

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Watch Whitney Wisconsin Porn

whitney dressing up

Sexy and dirty outfits is one of Whitney Wisconsins specialities, she has the ability to make any and every character look slutty. Take a look at the collection of some of her best outfits so far.

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